Ash - Malinda Lo

When Ash's father dies, she finds herself the servant of her stepmother and stepsisters. Her only comfort are the fairy tales her mother used to read her as a child. Ash's best hope for getting out of her situation is to be taken by the fairies, and when she meets the fairy Sidhean, it looks like her wish just might come true. But then she meets Kaisa, the King's Huntress. She goes on hunts with her and starts looking forward their time together. But Sidhean wants her, and Ash finds herself torn between her beloved fairies and a chance at love.


While I liked Ash, I really wanted to love it. A Cinderella retelling where she falls for a girl? Sounds good. And yet, I find myself not really caring about the couple. The character that interested me the most was the male Sidhean. I came for the lesbian relationship, but found myself caring more about Ash's relationship with Sidhean. When he wasn't present in the story, the plot dragged a bit. It took Kaisa quite a while to show up, and I couldn't quite see why they were so drawn to one another.


The writing of the story was great, and when the plot was at its most interesting, I was hooked. The world was interesting, and I really loved the fact that women in positions of power, women working as huntresses, and same-sex couples were all just accepted parts of the world. Most books I read create worlds where men have the power, women must stick to "feminine" jobs/roles, and only heterosexuality is accepted by society. It's always refreshing whenever I see a world that breaks free from that formula.


Ash wasn't a bad book. I just wish that I could have enjoyed it more than I did.