Made for You

Made for You - Melissa Marr

When Eva is hit by a car and left for dead, she gains the ability to see people's deaths when they touch her. What she doesn't realize at first is that the hit-and-run was actually attempted murder. It's only after a classmate is murdered that Eva realizes that a killer is loose. With the help of her best friend, Grace, and her childhood friend and crush, Nate, Eva must try to use her abilities to save her friends and herself.


The story is told using three perspectives—Eva, the killer, and Grace. Eva and the killer are the main perspectives with Grace's popping up only occasionally. Even though we get the killer's perspective, we don't actually know his identity for most of the book. He goes by the name of Judge in his chapters. I did figure out Judge's identity in the first chapter, but knowing it didn't ruin the fun of the story for me, and the story still threw in some things I didn't guess.


Part of the fun of the series was the twisted nature of Judge's chapters. His thinking is creepy. He justifies his horrible actions so that they come across as perfectly rational to him. I thought his chapters did well at concealing his identity without coming off as awkward. And the glimpses into his minds were plenty creepy without going so overboard that you wondered how no one noticed that something was off about him.


My favorite parts about the books were the relationships between Eva, Grace, and their parents. Eva's parents are often absent, and Grace's mother is often a stand-in parent for her. However, this accident serves as a wake-up call for Eva's parents and watching Eva's mother try to fix everything is adorable due to her overzealousness. She's not entirely sure how to go about being a great mother, but she's sure determined to try.


And Eva and Grace are wonderful friends and care about and support one another. I was actually surprised at how present and involved Grace was in the story since she wasn't mentioned at all in the book's synopsis. I think she may have been more present than Nate, the love interest who is mentioned in the synopsis.


Nate was the weak point of the book for me. It's not that I disliked him. He's a pretty great guy and is quick to make sure Eva is comfortable with where their relationship is at and how it's progressing. I just didn't care too much about them as a couple. Eva's relationships with her friends and family were more interesting to me than her romantic relationships. They're not a bad couple by any means. They're just not a couple I was invested in.


Overall, Made for You was a fun read that did a nice job at depicting the creepiness of an obsessive and murderous stalker.