Isla and the Happily Ever After

Isla and the Happily Ever After - Stephanie Perkins

Isla has had a crush on Josh for years, even though she's hardly ever spoken to him and doesn't think she has a chance. But that changes after she runs into him one night over the summer. Now that their senior year is starting, Isla has a chance to start something with Josh. But just because they both like each other, doesn't mean everything is going to be easy.


This was basically the story of Isla's obsession with Josh becoming instalove once they really start interacting. Within a very short time of getting together, the two of them are declaring that they are in love with one another, and I just didn't see it. I don't know why they were so obsessed with one another. Once they got together, Isla started letting other aspects of her life slide. Her grades started slipping to the point where multiple teachers noticed and expressed concern about it to the head of her school. It took her a while to notice that her best friend made new friends. She changed her mind on where she was planning on going to college so that she could go to one close to where Josh was applying after only being with him for a short period of time. And Isla was incredibly insecure with him and kept getting jealous about his ex-girlfriend who wasn't even in the same country as them.


And Josh showed some of the same obsession. He was working on an autobiographical graphic novel throughout the book.

After Isla got upset about how much of a presence his ex-girlfriend had in it, Josh rewrote the entire thing. This time around, Isla became a larger focus of the story with one scene depicting Josh worshiping a drawing of her and declaring her his salvation.

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I just didn't like the relationship between them from either side. It did not come across as cute or healthy to me.


I did enjoy Isla's relationships with her best friend and family when it wasn't focused on Josh in some way. We didn't get to see much of that since the focus of the book was Isla and Josh, but what I did see was cute. I wish there had been far less Josh and more other characters. The story was more enjoyable when Josh wasn't present and wasn't being talked/thought about.


I really wanted to like this after how much I liked Anna and the French Kiss, but no luck.