I'll Give You the Sun

I'll Give You the Sun - Jandy Nelson

I'll Give You the Sun focuses on twins Jude and Noah. At thirteen, the two are very close, but by sixteen, they hardly speak to one another. Switching perspectives between the two each chapter, Noah's chapters cover their story when they are thirteen, while Jude's focus on them at sixteen.


I almost quit the book within the first chapter because of the writing. It starts with Noah, and his chapters use a lot of metaphors. And I mean a lot. It made his chapters difficult for me to get through at first, although I did get used to them after a bit. Jude's chapters were much better for me as far as writing goes. She often talks to her dead grandmother's ghost during her chapters. I never had to worry about forgetting whose chapter I was reading because both characters had very distinctive voices.


Both Jude and Noah had romances in the book. I found Noah's more interesting than Jude's mostly because Noah's relationship got more development, while Jude's felt more forced. There was a bit more romance than I would have preferred, namely on Jude's side, but it at least didn't take over the plot.


At the heart of the story is the relationship between the twins and the question of what happened to tear them apart. I loved the fact that the story focused more on their family, rather than their romances. Watching Jude and Noah slowly find their way back together and figure out what really drove them apart in the first place was sad at times, but always kept me interested in watching everything play out.