Blue Lily, Lily Blue

Blue Lily, Lily Blue - Maggie Stiefvater

With this book, the series is back to focusing on Blue and the four boys and their quest to find the king and awaken him, as well as focusing on Blue's kissing curse. Which is pretty much what I said I wanted during the last book. So I guess it just goes to show that I should be careful what I wish for.


The lack of focus on Gansey last book made me forget that I do not like him. I remembered pretty soon after he started talking in this book. And since Blue and the other boys tend to talk and think about him quite a bit, it was difficult to escape him. Add in the fact that Blue's kissing curse pretty much ends up revolving around her feelings for him and you have me hoping he really does die soon. I really don't understand why Blue likes him so much, so their doomed romance holds no interest for me.


Ronan continues to be the character I'm most interested in with Adam right after that. Blue and her family (when she's not focused on Gansey) continue to be fun as well. There were a number of new characters introduced that I liked with the exception of Gansey's mentor.


The writing continues to be pretty and maintains the dream-like quality of the story. I look forward to seeing how it all ends next book.