Mortal Gods

Mortal Gods - Kendare Blake

The Greek gods are still dying in the second book of the Goddess War series. They are at war with one another with Athena leading one side. She hopes the winning side will regain their immortality. But to have a chance she'll need help from some human heroes from her past who have been reborn with special abilities. One of those humans is Cassandra who has the power to kill gods, and she's out for vengeance after her boyfriend, Apollo, was murdered. And part of Cassandra wants all of the gods dead, which makes working with Athena difficult. But as the gods' war endangers more people, the two of them must learn to work together and gather more allies if they want a chance at getting what they want.


Cassandra has changed since the last book. All she wants is Apollo back. Now whether that's so they can be together again or so she can kill him herself, she's not so sure. And if she can't have Apollo back, then she wants to kill the gods for ruining everything. Cassandra is filled with a lot of hate, and it made her a bit evil. And I liked it. There was just something about her dealing with loss in an unhealthy way that was fascinating and understandable. This is the second lifetime in which the gods have screwed with her life and forced her to watch someone she loved die before her very eyes. The anger and hate really isn't too surprising.


And then there is Athena. She is slowly and painfully dying, as is her entire family. She has no clue why this is happening or if it can be stopped, but she isn't the type to just sit around doing nothing. I enjoyed watching her struggle to stop something she doesn't even understand even as things continue to get worse. The one part of her story that doesn't hold my interest was her romance with Odysseus. I just don't care about it.


I like the new characters on both sides, particularly Achilles and Calypso. However, I am really wondering where Zeus and Hades are in all of this. Hades does get a mention, but I would think that both of them would make actual appearances since the gods are all dying and everything. Maybe next book.

I was disappointed that Artemis was killed before we ever even met her, but that's more because she's one of my favorite gods.

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This is one of the darker stories I've read using the Greek gods. But considering some of the original Greek myths, a darker story where the "good" guys aren't always good suits the characters. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all ends for everyone.