Stolen Children

Stolen Children - Peg Kehret

Amy is a young teenager who gets a last minute babysitting job for a little girl named Kendra. It is supposed to be an easy job, but when two men show up to kidnap Kendra and end up taking Amy as well, Amy's job becomes dangerous. The two men want to ransom Kendra off for money, but Amy doesn't think she'll be released since she's old enough to identify them. She now has to balance taking care of Kendra with finding a way to escape.


Amy was what made this book really enjoyable for me. She was quick on her feet and constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to get clues out to the police. She got pretty clever with her plans. And Amy had to do it all while trying to keep Kendra calm and happy so that she didn't realize something was wrong.


I also enjoyed the point of view changes to random people who have the opportunity to act and help bring the girls back home, but don't for various reasons like not wanting to get involved or not wanting to falsely accuse someone of a crime. Those chapters were frustrating to read, but I could also see it happening. I don't generally like books where random characters will suddenly get a chapter focusing on them, but I thought it worked well here.


Stolen Children was a quick read, but that makes sense since it's a middle grade book.