The Blood of Olympus

The Blood of Olympus - Rick Riordan

Gaea is close to awakening while the Roman and Greek camps are close to war. To have a chance at stopping the fight between the two camps, the Athena Parthenos must be returned to the Greek camp. But to prevent Gaea from rising, they group must head to Athens. Nico and Reyna split from the group to take the Athena Parthenos back by shadow jumping across the globe, but the journey might kill Nico in the process. The rest of the group heads to Athens, but the help of the gods will be needed Gaea’s giants. And one of the seven is fated to die on this quest.


Disappointing is the word I would use to describe the final book of the Heroes of Olympus series. And really, the series as a whole. The Blood of Olympus featured five narrators—Nico, Reyna, Leo, Piper, and Jason. I only liked two of them (Nico and Reyna), and they’re not even part of the seven demigods of the quest. I’ve hated Piper and Jason from the start of the series, and they did nothing to change my mind. I was more indifferent to Leo throughout the series, but this book made me dislike him as well. The four members of the seven that I actually liked (Percy, Annabeth, Hazel, and Frank) felt largely forgotten and overshadowed in this book, particularly Percy and Annabeth. Annabeth, who was a major strategist throughout the two series, suddenly finds her logic and planning is inferior to Piper’s gut instinct. This was like how a lot of Piper’s development worked. We’re just suddenly told she’s awesome at something without seeing her work for it. Piper’s suddenly an awesome fighter after we’re told she trained a bit with Hazel for a few days. Piper’s instincts suddenly were better than logic and planning, even though I’m not really sure what that has to do with being a kid of Aphrodite. Piper’s charmspeaking suddenly got a major power upgrade.


And Jason has decided to take up Percy’s quest of fixing god/demigod relations. Basically Percy has just given up, and Jason was the only one who realized that more needed to be done. Even though everyone else has seen and experienced the problems caused by this. The whole thing just felt like Piper and Jason were being pushed into Annabeth and Percy’s places.


One of the big problems in the series for me was the characters. I just never really was able to connect with them, unlike in the Percy Jackson series. I think all the switching between characters really cut into us getting to see the character development. It resulted in a lot of telling about the characters, without showing, particularly when it came to relationships. People would suddenly be friends or in love, but I’d have a hard time seeing how they got to that point. The romances were particularly bad for me. Almost everyone was paired up, usually shortly after we first see them together. There was no seeing relationships form. Piper and Jason were the worst for me, but Frank and Hazel felt like this, as well as Leo and Calypso. I liked Frank and Hazel together, but I didn’t think their romantic development was that great. And then there’s the hinted at relationship between

Nico and Will Solace that seems to be forming right at the end, which results in Nico suddenly being completely over Percy, doing a 180 on all of his plans, and feeling like a completely different character within a very short time. I have no clue what the connection there was.

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It just felt like everyone,

except Reyna,

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was thrown into a pairing because a hero can’t end the story being single.


And then that ending. The entire series built up both the battle with the demi-gods and gods against the giants and the awakening of Gaea. And then it failed to deliver.

The battle against the giants ended almost immediately after the gods arrived. And Gaea didn’t awaken until near the end, only to be defeated rather quickly as well. And unlike the first series, no one on the heroes’ side really died, even though there was a prophecy that one of our main characters would die. Instead we get Leo dying, but not really and then leaving to go to get Calypso without telling any of his friends that he’s alive. So they’re all mourning his death while he just forgets about all of them to go be with a girl. And that is why I went from being indifferent to Leo to disliking him.

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I did really enjoy Reyna’s chapters, as well as most of Nico’s. Their quest was far more interesting than the main group’s quest. And the two of them got relationship development that I actually got to see and could understand. They were the best part of the book for me.


Overall, The Blood of Olympus just did not deliver for me, just like the series ultimately didn’t. I failed to really connect to any of the new characters, even though I did like Hazel, Frank, and Reyna and still liked Percy, Annabeth, and Nico from the first series. The final book felt like it kind of forgot about half its main characters. And the final battle the whole series had been working toward was a letdown.