X-Men: Primer

X-Men, Vol. 1: Primer - David López, Oliver Coipel, Brian Wood

X-Men: Primer features an all-female team consisting of Storm, Rogue, Kitty, Rachel Grey, Psylocke, and Jubilee. Jubilee returns to the X-Men with a baby around the same time John Sublime, an old enemy, comes to the X-Men seeking help to stop his sister.


I’ve always tended to like the female X-Men more than the male members, so I was looking forward to this book. Unfortunately, while the book wasn’t bad, I only found it to be okay.


I was very confused about Jubilee and the baby. She apparently just took this baby and decided she was going to be his new mom. She thinks he was living in an orphanage, but she’s not actually sure and doesn’t know whether he has relatives or not. Jubilee claims she didn’t kidnap him, but it really sounds like she did. And after her initial non-explanation, no one questions her keeping the baby or anything. It all just came off as very weird and a bit creepy to me, especially with how quickly she’s latched onto the idea of being his mother. And then there’s the whole two powerful psychics are unable to sense the baby and no one thinks to bring that up again.


Then there was the big bad, Arkea, of the first three issues of the story. She had potential to be really interesting, but she was defeated so quickly (and off-screen) that it felt like a letdown. I’m not even positive how Arkea was defeated because what I thought happened was shown to not be the case the very next page.

I thought Karima, who was possessed by Arkea at the time, killed herself with Psylocke’s power to kill Arkea. But then Karima is shown alive the very next page, so now I’m not sure exactly what went down. Everyone was saying that Psylocke stabbing Karima would kill her, but that apparently wasn’t true. So I don’t really know how that worked.

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Then the fourth issue just had the team rescuing a plane while Jubilee spent time with Wolverine and the baby. While the interactions with Jubilee and Wolverine were cute, I had a hard time forgetting that Jubilee just took that baby so that overshadowed things a bit. And the team rescue mission had Rachel questioning Storm on why she was leader and aggressively arguing with her on what she did in the last mission. Rachel questioning why Storm should be leader is strange when you consider that Storm has been the leader of the X-Men multiple times. And the only point I saw Rachel disagreeing with Storm’s actions in the last mission was at the very end where (as far as I can tell due to the vagueness of the off-screen conclusion to the fight) they ended up doing exactly what Storm said to do, and

it ended up working perfectly with no good guys dying. I know Rachel didn’t like the idea of killing a friend, but it was either kill the body of a friend who has been brain-dead for months or a ton of people die.

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And I didn’t see Rachel offering up any alternate solutions. The argument just came off as a bit petty to me.


The art in the first three issues was great. The art in the fourth wasn’t bad, but wasn’t as good as in the first three.


And the fifth issue was actually a reprint of Jubilee’s first appearance ever. It was definitely very different from the rest of the book.


Sadly, it looks like this version of the X-men and I were just not meant to be.