Famous in Love

Famous in Love - Rebecca Serle

Paige dreams of being an actress, so when she lands the lead role of the movie adaptation of the current big book series (think Twilight big), things are looking good. But the world of the film industry isn’t quite what she was expecting. And then there’s her two fellow actors playing her love interests—Rainer and Jordan. They don’t get along with each other, but both seem to like Paige. Thrown in the middle of a love triangle, Paige must now try to navigate this new and strange world.


Paige facing the realities of the film industry versus her preconceived ideas was the most interesting part of the book for me. Becoming an actress was her dream, but there was a lot Paige didn’t realize about making movies. Because she is a minor, there were many rules that had to be followed so she could work. It often took many takes to get a scene down, and the director wasn’t there to hold her hands through everything. Sadly, a time jump that skipped the plot from her audition to her having been working for several months meant quite a bit of her discovering the realities of filming were merely told to us rather than getting to see her learn it firsthand.


The book was primarily a romance. And by romance I mean love triangle. The love triangle is between Rainer and Jordan. Rainer is set as the kind coworker, while Jordan is the bad boy of Hollywood. Paige doesn’t meet Jordan until after she’s been working with Rainer for a while and has started to fall for him. Then Jordan shows up and hints that Rainer’s not that good of a guy and he’s not actually a bad guy. The extent to which Jordan’s bad boy-ness is explained away got a bit ridiculous after a bit. While I get that it was going to showing just how easily the media can paint a false image of someone, it felt like the book went overboard in trying to paint Jordan as a super amazing guy.


And the attempt to hint that maybe Rainer wasn’t that good of a guy was very strange to me. Jordan claims that Rainer just dates famous people for the publicity. The problem? The only person I can recall Rainer being romantically connected to previously was his ex-girlfriend who was explicitly said to not having gotten her big break yet when they broke up. Unless I completely missed the part where it mentions all of Rainer’s other ex-girlfriends who are celebrities (which I admit could have happened), Rainer is either terrible at getting the media to pay attention to him or Jordan is a liar. And considering Jordan claims that he would never go after someone Rainer was romantically involved with because of a misunderstanding in the past and then he totally hits on Paige, I think Jordan being a liar is the more likely answer. Not that it seems the book is going for that. I could be wrong and the series could be going for the reveal that Jordan was a bad guy all along. But I’m not going to hold my breath for that development. I will, however, hope for it because that’s the kind of story I love.


While the bulk of the romance did not really do anything for me as I could not understand her sudden attraction to one of the guys, the book did do something a bit interesting with it from the start. The book starts in the future with Paige regretting her romantic decision and saying she made the wrong choice. Considering her reasoning at the end of the book for which guy she chooses, it’s really not that difficult to see why she ultimately regrets it.


The love triangle was the weakest part of the book for me, which unfortunately a large chunk of the book. However, the rest of the book interested me enough that I’ll likely check out the second book when it comes out to see where the story goes.