The Sword of Summer

The Sword of Summer - Rick Riordan

Well, I give up. I got 112 pages in, but I have no desire to go any further. Magnus Chase sounds just like Percy Jackson from his first series except Magnus is far more irritating. Of course, his sounding just like Percy suits the book since it's reading just like the first Percy Jackson book. Add in some pop culture references that have me questioning when exactly the timeline is and a bit of poor editing that has the main character doing things like describing a drink as yummy a page before we find out he's never had it and is in fact super hesitant to try it and I just have no desire to continue.


I was curious to see what the author was going to do with Norse mythology because I had enjoyed his take on Greek and (most of) his take on Roman. But Magnus is far too irritating for me to follow him for almost 500 pages.