Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, Vol. 2

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Vol. 2 - Ryan Benjamin, James Tynion,  Noelle Stevenson

This book has ten Wonder Woman stories each by different creative teams that put their spin on the character. What I loved about this book was that, while I may have enjoyed some more than others, each story captured the essence of who Wonder Woman is—someone who fights for others; who likes to resolve a fight without having to fight if possible, but will fight if necessary; who sees the strength and beauty of humans and the human world even with all the negative; and who believes in equality for all. As in the first volume, this book is decidedly feminist and often features non-powered women being heroes right alongside Wonder Woman.


There's a wide range of stories here ranging from heartwarming to adorable to funny to bittersweet. Two of the stories don't actually have Wonder Woman herself, but have her appear as an inspiration to the main character in one story and and the hero of a child's game in another. My favorite stories were Generations which was about Wonder Woman's relationship with her mother and the lessons she learned from her, Not Included which was a team-up between Wonder Woman and Big Barda against Monsieur Mallah and the Brain, and Girls' Day Out which was had an interview between Wonder Woman and Lois Lane turn into the two of them saving the day together and bonding. But really, there isn't a story in there that I'd really say was awful, which does not often happen with anthologies of any kind.


If you want a series that really showcases the kind of character Wonder Woman is, this anthology series has many wonderful takes on her that really show her at her best.