The Young Elites

The Young Elites - Marie Lu

Malfettos are the children who survived a deadly disease 10 years ago, but were left with markings. And some of these children were left with powers as well. Those children are known as the Young Elites. However, malfettos are hated and feared. Adelina is a malfetto and is abused by her father for the disgrace her existence brings upon him. Her little sister is the only good thing in her life. When she decides to escape, Adelina discovers that she is a Young Elite and ends up killing her father.  She is taken in by the Dagger Society, a group of Young Elites led by Enzo, the former crown prince who was stripped of his title and banished by his sister for being a malfetto. The Dagger Society wants to put Enzo back on the throne, but there is a darkness in Adelina that might just lead everyone to ruin.


This book just clicked with me. I can actually come up with a few reasons why it shouldn't have, but I finished the book delighted and wanting to read the next one right away. And a lot of that delight has to do with Adelina. When the book says she's got darkness in her, it wasn't lying. After the abuse she suffered for years at the hands of her father, Adelina is understandably messed up and has a bit of a vengeful side. She finally finds people who accept her for who she is with the Daggers and a chance at love with Enzo. But that doesn't magically fix her. This isn't a happy love story.


My other favorite character was Rafaelle, a member of the Dagger Society with the ability to sense other Young Elites. His friendship with Adelina was great, and their scenes together were my favorite parts of the story. They just had excellent chemistry together, although platonic chemistry.


There is a love triangle in this between Adelina, Enzo, and Teren, a malfetto working for the queen to destroy Young Elites. I can't say I particularly cared about Adelina's relationship with either boy, but I did enjoy the direction the story took with them.


Sadlly, most of the members of the Dagger Society were forgettable outside of Rafaelle and Enzo. They failed to make much of an impression on me, and I really can't tell you much about who they are outside of their powers and that one of them has a relationship with the queen of another country. However, Adelina and Rafaelle were interesting enough to hold my attention.



Adelina's journey is one I'm eager to watch unfold.