Welcome to Night Vale

Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel - Jeffrey Cranor, Joseph Fink

When a mysterious man in a tan jacket carrying a deer skin suitcase gives Jackie Fierro a piece of paper that says "King City," she finds herself unable to let it go. She has a hard time remembering what he looked like, but Jackie is determined to find him and get him to take the paper back. Diane Crayton is the mother of a shapeshifting son, Josh, whose father left years before. She's worried about Josh who has been growing more curious about his father. And her work has gotten a bit strange since no one seems to be able to remember the very existence of one their coworkers. The answers to Jackie and Diane's problems lie in King City, but getting there is a whole new problem.


Welcome to Night Vale is based off of a podcast of the same name that is a radio show telling of the strange happenings in the town of Night Vale. This book captures the creepy, bizarre world perfectly and features cameos and mentions of plenty of familiar faces and places. Clips from Cecil's radio show appear every couple of chapters, which I loved.


If you've listened to the podcast, you know just what kind of randomness to expect from this book. If you haven't listened to it, the idea behind the show was that this was a town where all conspiracy theories are real, which means things get very weird on the show.


I liked both Jackie and Diane who have plenty of weirdness surrounding them that make them perfect new additions to the town of Night Vale. Jackie is nineteen and has been nineteen for quite a while now. Meanwhile, Diane has her shapeshifting son who doesn't always choose humanoid forms. Both of them were fun characters to follow around.


Welcome to Night Vale was hilarious and not quite like anything I've read, much like the podcast. I always love visiting to the strange, kind of creepy town of Night Vale.