Heart in a Box

Heart in a Box - Kelly  Thompson, Meredith McClaren

Emma's in pain after getting her heart broken. She just wants it to go away and makes a wish to not have her heart anymore. To her surprise, a man appears who offers to do just that. But without a heart, Emma can't feel anything at all. She asks for her heart back, but is told that it's already been broken into multiple parts. Now she's on a journey to get back her heart, even if it brings her even more pain.


Shortly into the book, I wasn't sure whether I was going to like it. The art wasn't quite doing it for me, and watching Emma be heartbroken wasn't the most riveting of things. However, once the plot starts with her wishing her heart away, I was hooked. Emma's journey to heal herself was a painful one. It was not always nice. People got hurt along the way, several times directly as a result of Emma's actions. But that's also how life works sometimes. Ultimately, it's a story of a hope. Despite the pain she's suffered and caused, there's still hope for Emma that she'll heal and be alright in the end.


The art ended up growing on me. I didn't particularly like it at the start, but once I got drawn into the story, I felt it suited everything and found myself really liking it by the end.


Despite the dark premise, there was plenty of humor thrown in. Even if it was sometimes dark. The book had a good balance of heartbreak, humor, and hope.