Storm Siren

Storm Siren - Mary Weber

Elementals are humans with powers. They are always male. Except for Nym, an elemental with the ability to summon storms. Unfortunately, she can't control it which has resulted in quite a bit of death and destruction. One of the king's advisers witnesses her using her ability and buys her. Adora, the adviser, has plans to train Nym as her weapon. But Nym doesn't want to hurt anyone.


This is one of those books where I liked the concept, but the finished product didn't quite deliver for me. I didn't really connect with any of the characters and had a hard time getting into the world. There was a lot that wasn't really explained, and I found myself forgetting a lot of the world-building that did happen despite reading the whole book within a 24-hour time span. And then when things suddenly started happening at the end of the book, I just got confused because I kept forgetting things. I'm normally pretty good about keeping stories straight, but that did not happen here. I just didn't get drawn into the story, so my brain apparently decided it had no reason to remember what I was reading.


Relationships felt underdeveloped, particularly with the romance. When Nym declares herself in love, I was left wondering what in their interactions led to love. When some characters die, I just didn't care because I never connected with them in the first place. The cliffhanger ending which should have left me worried for the characters actually made me start laughing.

It's probably bad of my to find it hilarious that Nym's love interest has been replaced with someone else and is potentially dead, but I just found it funny for some reason.

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On the plus side, I don't remember anything about the story infuriating me. Storm Siren was just an underwhelming read.