The Revenge Playbook

The Revenge Playbook - Rachael  Allen

Liv, Peyton, Melanie Jane, and Ana are sick and tired of how the football players of their school get away with everything and how they treat girls. So they've banded together to get revenge on them and try to change things. All they have to do is steal the boys' prized football by completing the football team's annual scavenger hunt before them without the boys realizing they have competition.


This book was a ton of fun. I loved watching the girls band together and do the scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt was a series of tasks that had to be completed and documented on camera. The girls put their own spin on several of them which was fun, especially their spin on going up to a fat girl and telling her she was pretty hot...for a fat girl. Their version is much better.


Each of the girls has their own reason for taking part in this revenge plot. Ana was raped by one of the boys. Melanie Jane and Liv were both dumped by their football boyfriends because they were on a list of girls the team couldn't date for various and awful reasons. Peyton is sick of them getting special treatment in class and interfering with her studies, as well as their sexual harassment. The book switches back and forth between the night of the scavenger hunt and the time leading up to the scavenger hunt and gives plenty of reasons for why the girls have decided to do this.


But my favorite part of the book was the girls' growing friendship and how they supported one another. The girls have several nice conversations with one another about the horrible ways they are treated and how they don't deserve any of it regardless of how they dress or how much sex they have. Even though there was a lot of rage-inducing stuff within the book, there was also a lot that I loved and it's all because of the four girls and their friendship.


My biggest complaint was that the perspectives of all four girls sometimes sounded too similar and I'd forget whose point of view I was currently in. I could usually keep Liv's straight because she was so peppy and bubbly. It was the other three that I had more problems with. I didn't confuse the girls themselves and could keep the details about each of them straight, so when a girl's point of view was dealing with her specific problems I was fine. But when a girl's point of view was focusing on more general things that could apply to any of the girls, I sometimes had to check back to see who it was again.


There was romance for some of the girls, but it was never a main focus. I actually liked the romances and the fact that not every girl was paired up by the end. Books that pair off every character tend to annoy me, so I appreciate that this book didn't do that.


The Revenge Playbook was a ton of fun, despite the not so fun subject matter. There were plenty of horrible things in the book, but it was ultimately a story about friendship. And revenge.