Cryer's Cross

Cryer's Cross - Lisa McMann

When a girl goes missing in the small town of Cryer's Cross, the residents are understandably frightened by this and join together to find her. Unfortunately, they are unable to find her. Then Kendall's boyfriend, Nico, goes missing, and Kendall is desperate to find him. But the new boy in town is starting to make her question her feelings for Nico, even as she tries to figure out what happened to him.


The mystery in this took a backseat to Kendall's growing relationship with Jacián and her sorting out her feelings. I did actually like her relationship and her struggle with her growing feelings and her missing boyfriend. It was just disappointing the mystery was pushed to the background so much. When it finally did come back to the forefront, there wasn't much time left for it and made the conclusion feel rather rushed and sudden.


I did like how Kendall's OCD was handled, for the most part. It was an ever-present part of her character and was impossible to forget she had it because it was always there. The romance didn't magically cure her OCD, and therapy was seen as helpful for her. The descriptions of what was going on in her head weren't always clear with phrases like her OCD kicked in leaving things a bit vague on what exactly is going on in her head.


The romance and Kendall's figuring her own feelings out were the strongest parts of this book. Kendall and Jacián didn't hit it off right away, but it's hard to avoid people in a small town, so they end up spending time together, even if that's not what they want at the start. Even though Kendall's boyfriend is missing during most of the story, he's not forgotten when she begins to develop feelings for Jacián. Kendall struggles with her feeling that she's betraying Nico just by liking someone else. That struggle with her conflicting feelings was very understandable.


While the mystery left something to be desired, I did like following the characters quite a bit.