The Conspiracy of Us

The Conspiracy of Us - Maggie  Hall

Avery's never known her father. But when a mysterious transfer student, Jack, shows up at her school, Avery learns all about his employers, her father's side of the family. They're one of the families of the Circle, a group that secretly runs the world. And Avery may be the answer to an old prophecy. She's taken to Paris by Stellan, a boy who works for one of the families in the Circle. With the interest of some of the most powerful people in the world suddenly on her, Avery finds herself in a dangerous position. To have a chance at freedom, she must solve the prophecy with the help of Jack and Stellan.


Despite liking romance, it's often the very thing that ruins books for me. Like here. We get a healthy dose of Jack falling for Avery because she's not like other girls because she does stuff like read during lunch rather than talk with friends. He basically fell for her right away because of that. Because no other girl in the history of the world has ever read during lunch. And of course he was sent to watch her and get close to her for his job meaning he's been lying to her from the start. But we can just ignore all that. He's cute. All good.


So yeah, no to the romance between Jack and Avery for me.


The plot was much more fun. All the conspiracies and plots the Circle were behind was a bit ridiculous, but in a fun and silly way. Some of the twists were a bit obvious to me, but that never took away my enjoyment of the prophecy and secret organizations mystery.


We didn't see much of the side characters, but the little we did was fairly nice. I'd like to see Avery get closer with the other kids in the families because they had a good start on friendships between them. There wasn't as much of Stellan as I expected since he was one of the names mentioned in the synopsis, but it looks like the next book in the series will feature a lot more of him based on how this one ended. I liked him much more than Jack. A lot of that is because he wasn't part of an insta love couple that was declaring Avery to not be like other girls.


I'll probably check out the next book because the ending intrigued me enough to want to see where they're going.