Wonder Woman: The True Amazon

Wonder Woman: The True Amazon - Jill Thompson, Jill Thompson

In this version of Wonder Woman's origin story, Diana is spoiled as a child causing her to grow up to be a spoiled jerk who only learns to change her ways after a horrible incident caused by her selfish ways. In all the retellings of Wonder Woman's origins, I don't believe I've ever seen the story go this route. While the story was told well, I can't say I particularly liked it as a Wonder Woman story.


One of the things I like about Wonder Woman is that she doesn't have a traumatic event in her past that led her to taking on the mantle of Wonder Woman. She's just a really good person who believes in justice for everyone and is willing to fight for that. I never felt she needed some horrible thing in her past that explained why she did what she did, so this origin story just doesn't feel right to me. The book's not bad. The art is nice. The plot and character arc makes sense. The story is entertaining. It just feels like it takes something away from Wonder Woman if she has to be given a reason for being a superhero beyond just simply being a good person.


It's an interesting alternative take on Wonder Woman's origin story. This will never be a favorite of mine, but it did keep me entertained with a well-written story and lovely art.