Batman Vol. 10: Epilogue

Batman (2011-2016) Vol. 10: Epilogue - Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Danny Miki

The final volume of the New 52 run of Batman is a disappointing collection of unrelated issues. It feels like all the leftover Batman issues were thrown together to get one more book to sell. This includes the Futures End Batman issue that takes place in a possible dark future and an annual that goes back a bit to when Bruce had amnesia still.


The saving grace for this volume is issue 51. Following Batman on a quiet night in Gotham as he tries to discover the cause of a blackout in the city, this issue was a beautiful celebration of Batman's legacy. Sometimes it can feel like Batman is fighting a losing battle in Gotham and is failing to change anything. But this issue highlights how the people of Gotham have been inspired by him and have hope for the future that they didn't have only years before. It is easily my favorite issue from this run of Batman.


The other issues in this book weren't bad. They just didn't do much for me. Without issue 51, this volume would only have been a 2 star read.