Rebels Like Us

Rebels Like Us - Liz Reinhardt

I loved the chemistry between the two main characters, Nes and Doyle. The two had some great banter going from the first time they met. Their flirting had me smiling every time. Both of them were fun characters. I was actually surprised how much of the book focused on their growing relationship. I expected more of the plot to be on the racism Nes faced in Georgia as a mixed-race girl and on her efforts to stop the annual tradition of two proms being held – one white and one black. It took quite a while for Nes to even learn about the prom tradition. And once she did learn, it took a while more for them to get around to doing anything.


Because of that, the plot was a bit uneven. While I absolutely enjoyed watching the relationship between Nes and Doyle, I felt like the prom plot should have gotten more focus. A lot of their work at throwing an inclusive prom happened off-screen. There were news stories, donations, and planning that we were just told about after the fact. The whole prom plot was mostly rushed at the end after it took so long to even be introduced.


In addition to the relationship between Nes and Doyle, I also loved her relationships with her friend, Ollie, and with her mom. Both those relationships are readjusting after the sudden move. Nes and Ollie have to learn how to navigate a long-distance relationship, but they still love each other fiercely. Nes and her mom are trying to figure out how to act around one another after her mom’s affair wrecked their lives in Brooklyn. They’re not in a good place when the book starts, but they still love each other and work on repairing things over the course of the book.


Overall, this was a fun read, despite a couple darker moments. The plot may have been uneven, but the relationships were great.