How to Break a Boy

How to Break a Boy - Laurie Devore

I went into this book expecting a cute, lighthearted read because of the bright cover and the summary promising a fake relationship. That is not at all what I got. This book was dark.


Olivia is not a nice character for a lot of the book, and she keeps making terrible decisions. She doesn’t like who she’s become, but she finds it difficult to change after being that way for so long. I was frustrated with her actions throughout the book because she truly did a number of horrible things. Every time she takes a step forward, Olivia would then take a few steps back. She keeps pushing people away, even as they try to help her. It takes her most of the book to truly start changing without the backsliding.


Really, a lot of this book is characters making terrible decisions, whether that means actively doing awful things or just standing by quietly while something happens. I was frustrated with most of the characters at one point or another.


However, the book did deliver on the fake relationship. Olivia convinces Whit, the golden boy of the high school, to both tutor her and pretend to be her boyfriend. The two grudgingly work together at first, but start to fall for each other the more time they spend together. They are pretty cute, even if Olivia keeps wrecking things with her bad decisions.


Even though the book was a lot darker than expected, I still enjoyed it. Olivia was a hard character to follow at times, but I still cared about her and wanted her to do better. It just took her longer than I would have liked to get there.