Bandette, Vol. 1: Presto!

Bandette, Volume 1: Presto! - Colleen Coover, Paul Tobin, Brendan Wright

I didn't really know anything about the series beyond Bandette being a thief, but decided to check it out when I found it while browsing the graphic novel shelves at the library. And that turned out to be a good choice because this was an adorably cute read.


I loved Bandette. She's a fun, carefree character who is confident in her abilities to successfully pull off any heist. Even when her life was in danger, she remained lighthearted as she thwarted every challenger. She's a thief who steals from bad guys, but Bandette's not completely altruistic and wasn't above keeping some of the loot for herself. Bandette definitely had a mischievous streak.


And her team of allies were just as much fun. My favorites were the ballerinas, but I liked them all. It was fun watching all these different groups jump into action when Bandette put out an alert to help her out when things didn't go as planned and seeing exactly what their part would end up being.


Bandette was a book that didn't take itself seriously. It's here to be a fun read, and it succeeded at that. The characters are charming, the art is nice, and the plot is enjoyable.