16 Festive Tasks - Square 7 - International Human Rights Day

Ringer - Lauren Oliver

The plot of Ringer involves bringing to light the deeds of a group that has been doing illegal medical experiments on unwanted children they bought from parents and on clones of those children. The kids are treated like dumb creatures. They are physically, mentally, and sexually abused. So the story is about their rights being abused, but also, eventually, about the people who are trying to defend them.



Book themes for International Human Rights Day: Read a book originally written in another language (i.e., not in English and not in your mother tongue), –OR– a book written by anyone not anglo-saxon, –OR– any story revolving around the rights of others either being defended or abused. –OR– Read a book set in New York City, or The Netherlands (home of the U.N. and U.N. World Court respectively).