Goldie Vance, Vol. 3

Goldie Vance Vol. 3 - Hope Larson, Jackie Ball, Brittney Williams, Noah Hayes, Sarah Stern

Goldie Vance's newest mystery comes to her in the form of her rival, Sugar Maple, hiring her to discover who has been sabotaging her as she prepares for a big race. While hesitant to take on the case at first, Sugar is able to convince Goldie who is ultimately delighted to get to spend so much time around cars and determined to get to the bottom of Sugar's problem.


With Sugar being at the center of this mystery, she gets a lot more character development as Goldie's investigation brings out some of her vulnerabilities. I really loved seeing a new side to Sugar. She and Goldie don't magically become friends by the end of it, but the two do develop a new understanding as they're forced to be allies. Sugar makes for a compelling character in this volume.


Of course, Goldie continues to be an amazing lead. I love how she makes friends with everyone in the story so quickly and her utter excitement at being around cars. Plus she continues to have great friends and an adorable girlfriend who all help her with the case.


The Goldie Vance series continues to be consistently great with a great cast, fun characters, and nice artwork.