16 Festive Tasks - Square 8 - Hanukkah

I decide to let a virtual dreidel decide my next book. I grabbed the top 4 books on my library stack and picked a side for each:


נ (Nun)                Merman in My Tub Vol 2
ג (Gimel)            
My Hero Academia Vol 10
ה (He)                 
Kissing Max Holden
ש (Shin)             
The Girl From the Other Side Vol 2



Then I spun a virtual dreidel and got Gimel, so I read My Hero Academia Vol 10. Of course, by the time I posted this, I've now read all but Kissing Max Holden from those choices.



Tasks for Hanukkah: Light nine candles around the room (SAFELY) and post a picture. –OR– Play the Dreidel game to pick the next book you read.