Kill Your Darlings Yellow Game

Since I've collected all the Yellow game cards, I'm collecting a couple from the Green game to get some more points.


The Belles - Dhonielle Clayton

I'm using The Belles for the Gryffindor Common Room card because it has a world that contains magic.


After the Game (Field Party) - Abbi Glines 

After the Game will get me The Hob card for having the word 'game' in the title.



People Like Us - Dana Mele 

People Like Us is a mystery, so I'm using it for the Easy Rawlins card.


Anatomy of a Scandal: A Novel - Sarah Vaughan 

The author of Anatomy of a Scandal has a first name that starts with an 'S' and that gets me The Gunslinger card.


These 4 cards will get me 40 more points for the game.