My So-Called Bollywood Life

My So-Called Bollywood Life - Nisha Sharma

It was predicted that Winnie would meet her soulmate before her 18th birthday. Her boyfriend, Raj, met every part of the prediction. Or rather, ex-boyfriend after he hooked up with someone else while they were on a break over the summer. Now Winnie is focused on putting the film festival together, which she has to do with Raj. And she's starting to develop feelings for another guy, Dev. So things are getting a little more complicated for Winnie than she was expecting.


At its best, My So-Called Bollywood Life is a charming story. Winnie's love for movies, particularly Bollywood movies, really shines through, and I enjoyed whenever she got to talk about them. She also had blog posts in between chapters where she did short Bollywood movie reviews, which were fun. Also great were her interactions with her family and the calls to the pandit. I loved her family and their interactions. They all clearly loved each other, even when they weren't always in agreement on what the right thing was.


The other characters didn't impress as much though. Winnie's best friend, while fun, felt rather flat since they almost always talked about Winnie's love life. And another girl existed solely to be the mean girl. I kept waiting for her to get some depth, but instead she kept getting progressively worse to the point where she committed a crime to frame someone. I don't like mean girls who have no depth and just exist to be mean to the main character to cause conflict for the story. Plus, the book had other minor snide remarks toward other girls peppered throughout including referring to one girl as a Barbie just because of how she was dressed. I'm never a fan of girl hate.


There was also one scene early on in the start of Winnie's relationship with Dev that just made me a bit leery. She ran into Raj who grabbed her arm to talk to her. Dev came out of nowhere and had his arm to Raj's throat telling him to get off her. Winnie had to get him to back off. He didn't do anything like that again, but I just get leery when guys jump so quickly to violence in a situation. Winnie immediately called him out for this though and told him that she did not need him to do this, which he seemed to listen to.


It might look like I disliked more about the book than I liked, but I really did enjoy the book overall. It was a fun read with a charming main character whose enthusiasm for Bollywood really shone through.