Bodysuit Fetish

Bodysuit Fetish - Uni Yamasaki

When Yoji asks the cosplay club if they could create some costumes and model to advertise the video games his club will be selling at a convention, the cost they give for it is not something they can afford. But their main costume designer, Toma, offers to make the costumes for free if Yoji will model for him. Yoji accepts the deal, but the modeling ends up being a bit different from what he expected.


This book is just silly, but sexy, fun. Toma wants a model for inspiration, but not how one would expect. He has a clothing fetish and gets turned on touching guy's body's covered in fabric. He uses that to reward himself and inspire creativity. But he's also upfront about what he's doing and asks permission from Yoji before touching him. Toma's pretty good about checking in anytime he wants to try something new to make sure Yoji is fine with it, explicitly telling him early on that he won't do something if Yoji doesn't want him to do it. There is really only one point I can recall where Yoji pushes things and he is immediately apologetic. And part of the issue is mutual misunderstanding on both parts from a lack of communication when it comes to feelings that lead both to get upset because they think they've upset the other. This is where talking helps. It doesn't happen right away, but eventually they get there.


Yoji and Toma's relationship is cute. Obviously it starts off physically, but the two bond over mutual admiration for one another's design skills (fashion for Toma and character for Yoji) and their shared understanding of what it's like to get so focused on designing when inspiration hits that everything else just disappears. And eventually they realize they've developed feelings. Which take even longer to then express. Basically, the two of them do quite a bit together physically before they figure things out emotionally.


The extra story at the end is also a funny one where Yoji tries to surprise Toma by dressing up as his favorite hero who started his whole clothing fetish years ago. Only it's Yoji who ends up being surprised when he finds out just how many roleplaying fantasies Toma has for that hero and the two act out several of them.


Overall, I really love this book. The art is great. The relationship is sexy and charming. And it's just a fun read.