24 Festive Tasks - Solstice / Yuletide Task 1

Task 1:  Bibliomancy: Grab one of your larger books and flip to the indicated page and line number to answer the following questions - then post those answers for us:


I decided to go with Uncle John's Monumental Bathroom Reader for this task. It's a big book of randomness, so the answers could be all over the place.


  • Will I read all the books on my TBR? (page 378, line 29)
    "lighthearted slogan, 'Declare War on the Cold Front!'" - I feel like that's a strangely appropriate response since my attempts to shrink my TBR sure feels like a never-ending battle.
  • Will any of my 2019 reads be 5 stars? (page 227, line 31)
    "spiritualism was bogus and promised to one day give 'an interesting exposure of the fraud.'" 
    - Uh oh, I think my book's might be revolting against this task instead of answering the question.
  • Will I discover a new favorite book / author / series? (page 309, line 23)
     "He is not portly."  (This came from the list of "Official" attributes of the Pillsbury Doughboy.)  - Well, that description can't really apply to a book or series, but I can't say I love it as a response for the author part of the question...

Will I discover that a major twist (hopefully, for the [even] better) has occurred in one of my favorite series? (page 459, line 16)

  • "numerous schools and training institutes for African Americans" - I'm taking this as the major twist being the series getting more diverse, which I am always down for happening and it would definitely count as for the better in my book.

Will I finish all of my reading challenges in 2019? (page 69, line 7)

  • "Thirteen - one more than a dozen." - I'm apparently doing quite a few reading challenges next year, finishing 13 of them, and I want all of you to know that 13 is one more than 12.

Will I stay within my book budget in 2019? (page 98, line 5)

  • "'there must be no distinct smells anywhere near the artist.'" - My book seems to be avoiding the question. I don't think that bodes well for my book budget.