24 Festive Tasks - Epiphany Task 1

Task 1: Tell us: What’s your favorite trilogy?



The Soldier's Scoundrel - Cat Sebastian  The Lawrence Browne Affair - Cat Sebastian  The Ruin of a Rake - Cat Sebastian  


This was a difficult one because I have a number of trilogies I really like. I decided I'm still in a romance mood, so I went with The Turner Series. I binged the whole series last year and fell in love immediately. The last book in particular will forever hold a place in my heart as I read it around the same time I got diagnosed with a chronic condition and the days I was having migraines were only increasing in number. One of the main characters in the that book was chronically ill and, even though his condition was different from mine, his descriptions of what it felt like to be sick and to never know when it would hit or how long it would last really resonated with me. I had already loved the first two books, but the last one pushed the series into something special for me.