24 Festive Tasks - Festivus Task 1

Task 1:  It’s the annual airing of grievances!  Time to list the top 5 books that disappointed you the most this year and let us know why!




While my books have mostly been good this year, I did have a few that disappointed me greatly.


Half Lost (The Half Bad Trilogy) - Sally Green  

This was the final book of the trilogy. For most of the book, it was perfectly okay. A bit repetitive, but nothing terrible. Then the ending happened and I was just upset.

After the main character, Nathan, finally had hope to live a wife without the abuse, suffering, and betrayal he'd suffered since he was a child, he has his lover get murdered and die in his arms. Then he has a mental breakdown and has delusions of his lover still being with him for some time after. And then, five years later, we see all his allies moving on with their lives and healing after the war. Nathan won't leave his lover's grave. He then commits suicide on his lover's grave and turns into a tree so they won't be separated. He is unable to recover from all the abuse and loss he's suffered in his life and chooses being with his lover's dead body over everything else. I've seen the argument that it wasn't truly suicide since he's alive as a tree, but the whole thing read exactly like someone committing suicide to be with their dead lover. And what upset me the most was that the book seemed to portray this ending as beautiful.

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No, thank you.


Champions Vol. 2: The Freelancer Lifestyle - Mark Waid,Humberto Ramos 

This story was just a mess that felt like giant chunks of the story were missing. Part of this was because this book got messed up with another big Marvel crossover that means the story happens across multiple books and makes it very hard when so much of the story is left out. But the crossover isn't to blame for everything. The book also just kept completely dropping plots in favors of new things without any thought for the lasting consequences for previous plots. I felt like someone had just picked random issues and thrown them together to create this book with no thought toward forming a cohesive story.


Social Intercourse - Greg  Howard 

I came into the expecting a cute "opposites attract" romance when two boys find themselves thrown together when one boy's dad starts dating the other boy's mom. I did not expect all the unchecked misogyny and biphobia I got almost from the very beginning right through to the end. It was relentless. Also, the leads were terrible to their parents to try to stop them from dating each other. As in, made one of their parents think some men had tracked her to her home and targeted her there. And one of them pretended to be abused by their parent to get rid of the other parent. It was hard to be happy for their romance when I was too busy thinking about what terrible people they were being.


We'll Always Have Summer - Jenny Han 

Another end to a trilogy that disappointed me. I was so frustrated with the main character, Belly. She made terrible decisions throughout the entire book even though all her friends and family were telling her she was making a mistake. And the book just wrecked my opinion of Jeremiah whose decision-making skills were even worse than Belly's. Once things finally turned around, the book was almost over and there was a sudden jump in time so you were just told the relationship points in summary right at the end before a final scene. I had really enjoyed the first two books in the series, so this was not a fun way to end it.


Leah on the Offbeat - Becky Albertalli 

After loving Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda a lot, I was excited for this book. Then I read it. And it really didn't match up well with the previous book. Characters and their relationships with one another weren't quite right. And one character got completely trashed by the narrative and his friends didn't seem to care at all what was going on with him which they definitely would have in the previous book. I did not like the romance. It felt like it came out of nowhere and Leah's treatment toward her love interest when her love interest is trying to sort out her sexuality did not sit right with me. She was a jerk throughout the book. I was not a fan.