Monster High

Monster High - Lisi Harrison

For a book that is supposed to be about monsters, there was a lot of focus on the humans, and I was not a real fan of any of them. I found Melody, the main human girl, to be very annoying with her complete and total belief in whatever the guy she likes says, some of which made no sense for her to believe. And her repeated statement during the book that she used to be a monster and therefore understands them because she used to have a bumpy nose (which was fixed with plastic surgery before the book even began by her father). That does not make you a monster. You were and are still very much human and would never have to worry about people chasing you out of town because of your nose. Her friend Becca is also incredibly annoying and extremely psychotically possessive and controlling about her boyfriend. To be friends with her you must sign a contract saying that you will never go after him and will turn on anyone who is interested in him. She also physically assaulted a girl for kissing her boyfriend.

The monsters I found to be much more interesting, but there was not much focus on any of them other than Frankie Stein. While I liked her character, I did find her repeated attempts to show humans who she really was to be frustrating. The first time she did it, I could understand. She had never been out in the world and wanted to believe the best in people. However, once the humans freaked out at her on sight and called the police, she learned her lesson and promised that she would blend in. This lesson does not last long, and she tries to get others to join her, but is warned by everyone (who have all been in the world for far longer than her) to not do it. She decides she knows better, and everyone else is wrong. I get that she wants to be herself, but it is not just her life at stake here, and she really does not have much experience with humans so she should probably listen to those who do.

I think I might have enjoyed this book if it had actually focused on the monsters like I expected, rather than on the humans and some monsters.