Poison Princess

Poison Princess - Kresley Cole

This is one of those books that had a really great premise, but I just had too many problems with it. The biggest one being with the love interest, Jackson, who had no redeeming qualities in my eyes. He was rude, violent, vulgar, sexist, and just horrible to be around. He expects Evie, the main character, to have sex with him because he saved her life. Our introduction to him features him leering at. Shortly after, he calls her and her friends "bitches" without ever having spoken to them. He doesn't get better. He treats her as if she is a possession and calls her "useless" multiple times. He steals her stuff and tries to get into her personal business. With the way he acted, I'm honestly surprised he didn't rape her.

Most men in the book, after the Flash (basically apocalypse), become rapists in this book, as far as we're shown. Women are treated as possessions that are to be shared around with no regard for what they want. I guess this is supposed to make Jackson look better, but he's really not much better at all.

And Evie's treatment of Selena, a teenage girl who survived the Flash, was frustrating. Jackson, finding that Evie didn't want to have sex with him, shows interest in Selena who most certainly does want to have sex with him. Before Selena does anything, she makes certain from both Evie and Jackson that they are not a couple and that Jackson is in fact free. Both Jackson and Evie assure her that he is very much free. And yet Evie proceeds to hate her guts and calls her a bitch (in her head) all the time.

Aside from the treatment of characters, I had an issue with the pacing. It begins with a prologue, which sets a creepy tone, and then a flashback starts. This flashback is about Evie before the Flash occurs and lasts for about 100 pages. While I understand wanting to introduce the characters before things started, I really don't think it needed to be so long. For a book that is advertised as being about the aftermath of an apocalypse, almost a third of it was a flashback of high school drama that happened before said apocalypse.

Despite my complaints, there were things I liked. The concept was really cool, and I like the idea of the Tarot cards being people. When the book was dealing with the Tarot card war, I enjoyed it. The mystery of what is going on is interesting. It just seemed to get ignored at times in favor of the romance.