Splintered - A.G. Howard

I really enjoyed the plot of Splintered and how it took the story of Alice in Wonderland as inspiration while still making the story its own. This version of the world and creatures of Wonderland was interesting to read. The only thing I really did not enjoy about it was the character of Jeb, Alyssa's human love interest and friend who joins her on this journey. He was just too controlling and possessive for my tastes, and I couldn't see the appeal in him. Any guy whose first instinct is to punch whatever annoys him is not a guy that I want to be around. Also any guy who tells me what to do, tells my father to not let me do something (studying abroad in this instance), dates a girl who he knows bullies me, etc. And then to add a layer of creepiness onto that, has drawn hundreds of sketches of me (according to him) without my knowledge. I just could not find it in myself to like him as a love interest or even as a friend for Alyssa.

Despite that one thing, I really did enjoy the rest of the book. It was a clever and interesting retelling of Alice in Wonderland.