The Hunt

The Hunt - Andrew Fukuda

I really expected to love this because the premise sounded very interesting so I was surprised to find that this was not the case. A world where vampires have almost entirely wiped out humans and humans must try to blend in to stay alive sounded like a cool idea. But during the book, I continually asked how in the world these vampires could possibly have taken over. Any species that loses all control over themselves and will run out into the (very deadly) sun just to die with the blood of humans in their mouths makes me question how in the world they are the dominant species. That's basically the equivalent of a human running into a raging inferno for a hamburger. I don't believe any species that is prone to this could actually pull themselves together enough to conquer the humans.

I also found the idea that the main character could have survived among the vampires for so long without being discovered to be crazy. To do so he could never do a number of things such as: blushing, laughing, sneezing, coughing, flinching, squinting, shivering, sweating, and many other things. Several of these are involuntary, and there is just no way I can imagine a child (or anyone really) being able to control these things. A single cut is enough for all vampires in the area to smell you. You also have to cut your fingernails and shave all body hair daily. It would just be insane, and the idea of being able to do it is not something I can really believe.

The vampires themselves were very different from vampires in other stories. I like creativity, but some of the things about these vampires were pretty ridiculous. The vampires are shown to be outright disgusted with the idea of eating fruits or vegetables specifically because it is not raw meat, which means you do not hunt it down. Yet they eat ice cream. Now unless there are people or creatures made out of ice cream, I'm pretty sure they didn't get that by hunting. Why is the idea of eating fruits and vegetables so disgusting then when the vampires eat something that is not raw meat too?

They also have the weirdest form of making out that I have ever read. Two vampire make out by one of them sticking their elbow into the other vampire's armpit and rubbing it in circles. Whenever I picture it, I just can't take it seriously.

There were quite a few other things that I questioned in the book, but these were some of the ones that stood out the most.

The concept of this book was unique and interesting, but there were just too many questions about how in the world things could have worked for me to truly enjoy it.