Forgotten - Cat Patrick

I found the idea of only being able to remember your future to be very interesting, and, while I enjoyed the book, I can't say I loved it. The problem with having your memory reset everyday is that you can't really grow as a person, and this is reflected in the story. London could not really develop much beyond what she was at the start of the book because she gets reset every morning. The story was more about how things around her changed. There are some differences between her at the beginning and at the end of the book, but nothing truly major. If you are looking for a book with a lot of character development, this is not the book to read.

There were also a number of plot lines in the story that could have been really interesting, but didn't have the kind of focus that I would have liked. London's relationship with the new boy got the focus of the book, while other things were pushed to the side. While everything got wrapped up in the end, how things were wrapped up wasn't always satisfying.

Despite my complaints, I did like the book. The exploration of how a person might function if they had that condition was interesting to read.