The Coldest Girl in Coldtwon

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown felt like two separate, but interesting, stories being told that didn't quite work together. We have Tana's story and Gavriel's story. Tana was the main character, but I felt like her story got overshadowed whenever Gavriel came on the scene, particularly when the action picks up at the end of the story. Most of the story ultimately hinges on Gavriel, taking away from Tana's story, which would have been compelling on its own.


The story begins with Tana waking up after a party to discover that almost everyone at that party has been killed by vampires.The only survivors of this attack are her ex-boyfriend, who has been bitten, and a vampire that the other vampires seem to be hunting. As Tana helps the two escape the other vampires, her leg gets scraped by the teeth of a vampire, meaning she may be infected as well. The three decide to head to Coldtown, a quarantine for vampires, infected, and any human that wants to enter the town or was unfortunate enough to be stuck on the wrong side of the walls when they first came up. Along the way, they pick up the twins, Midnight and Winter, who want to be turned into vampires so that they can be forever young. Too bad vampires don't actually like turning humans because that cuts down their blood supply.


I really disliked Midnight and Winter. I found them incredibly irritating. Their obsession with eternal youth and life, as well as Midnight's need to document everything for her blog got grating really quickly. Even their friends in Coldtown were irritating to me. Luckily for me, the two were not in the story for the entire book. I don't think they were ultimately necessary to the story because the bits of the plot they did move forward could easily have been achieved without them.


Gavriel's story took longer to unfold because he left the group shortly after entering Coldtown, so we lost track of him for a time. When we first meet him, he's been chained by the attacking vampires, but helps Tana, so she helps him escape. However, he's a bit crazy. Gavriel takes an interest in Tana immediately though and agrees to travel with them to Coldtown. He has his own reasons for wanting to enter the town. I really enjoyed his back story and wish that there had been more.


I really wish that this had been two separate books—one telling Tana's story of trying to help her ex-boyfriend while also fighting the temptation of turning into a vampire and one telling Gavriel's story of being turned, used, and driven crazy. While Tana and Gavriel's stories meet in several parts, they never really meshed for me. Their instant interest in one another just felt forced.


The pacing in the book was also a bit off for me. It was slow, which I don't really mind. However, the story continued to be interrupted with flashbacks, different perspectives from other characters, or information dumps. Sometimes these worked for me (like Pearl's scenes and Gavriel's past). Sometimes they didn't (like all of the blog bits).


Overall, it's a good book with interesting characters and a cool premise, but it wasn't as amazing as I thought it could be.