Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

I absolutely loved this book because I found Cath to be so identifiable. She's a hardcore Simon Snow fan. It's been her one constant in life. And with her first year of college starting, it's the one familiar comfort she has. I could understand loving a book/show/movie/etc. so much that you turn to fan created works just to continue exploring the world and characters more. Maybe the original work isn't quite delivering exactly what you want, but fan fiction is. Or maybe fan fiction just does it better than the original. I may not write fan fiction like Cath does, but a lot of what she said about loving a show so much really hit home.


The characters in this book were fantastic, and I loved all the relationships between everyone. Reagan, Cath's roommate, and Levi, Reagan's friend, were especially awesome. I just loved their conversations and found myself laughing a lot.


One of my favorite parts of the story were the snippets of Cath's fan fiction and the original work that were between every chapter, as well as in some too. I found myself wishing I could read all of Cath's fan fiction.


Fangirl struck all the right chords with me, and I found a main character I could really connect with.