Easy - Tammara Webber

This book was a solid 3.5-4 for me for the first 100 or so pages. Easy opens up with Jacqueline getting assaulted in a parking lot by a boy she knows and getting saved by a stranger, who she suddenly starts seeing everywhere around campus. Jacqueline was a believable character with the aftermath of the assault, and the romance that was forming with Lucas, the stranger, was cute. Then Jacqueline told her roommate, Erin, about the assault, and the book just got a lot better for me after that point. I think it was because, after that point, Jacqueline started facing the problems in her life, although not all at once or right away.


The romance with Lucas was cute, and I liked him as a character, but it was definitely Erin who made the book for me. Well, her and Katie, the president of Erin's sorority, who only got one scene, but it was a good one. I really adored the friendship between Erin and Jacqueline and just wish more of the books I read had amazing friendships like that.


And I thought the book really handled the assault, its effects on Jacqueline, and the various reactions people had to learning about it well and realistically. Easy was just one of those books that I found very easy to understand the mindsets of the various characters and could relate to them from my own experiences in college.