Gated - Amy Christine Parker

Lyla's family has lived in the Community since shortly after 9/11. They, like every other family there, were invited by Pioneer to get away from the evil of the world. They are the chosen ones who will survive the end of the world. Everything is perfect in the Community. Or at least, that's what Lyla wants to believe, but a meeting with a boy from the outside has caused her to begin to doubt everything in her life. Has she been living a lie this whole time?


I loved how easy it was to get into Lyla's mindset when it came to life in the Community. It was so easy to understand why they joined and why they stayed. Even as Lyla began to doubt, you could see things from her point of view and understand why she believed what she did.


The only thing I really wasn't a fan of was the insta-love between her and Cody. It just felt a bit ridiculous, and I think it wasn't even necessary. Curiosity from both of them could just as easily led to the same outcome, and it would have felt so forced. Luckily, the romance doesn't get much focus.


Gated drew me in from the start and kept my attention as Lyla tried to make sense of her world as she questioned everything she ever believed in.