Falling Kingdoms

Falling Kingdoms - Morgan Rhodes, Michelle Rowen

Falling Kingdoms was a fun and easy read. It reminded me of a less complex version of Game of Thrones. It had all the plotting, scheming, and backstabbing going on with a bit of magic thrown in as well, just not on as grand of a scale.


The book follows four characters—Cleo, the princess of Auranos; Jonas, a peasant in Paelsia; Magnus, the crown prince of Limeros; and Lucia, the princess of Limeros. Despite the three countries officially being at peace, there is tension between them. The murder of a wine seller in Paelsia by a noble of Auranos gives the people of Paelsia and Limeros the excuse they've been searching for to go against Auranos. The four main characters find themselves pulled into the war, some willingly, others not. If they want to survive, they must take action.


The description of Jonas' role in the story is a bit misleading on the cover. It makes it sound like he helps start the plot through rebellion, but the whole thing had already been started before he ever got involved. Now, I can see his character heading in that direction and maybe having that position in the second book, but not so much in the first. Although, to be fair, in this first book, most of the action is pushed forward by the adults rather than any of the main characters. I think that will change more in the next book though.


Regardless, I enjoyed all the plotting going on and look forward to the next book.