Truly, Madly, Deadly

Truly, Madly, Deadly - Hannah Jayne

Sawyer's boyfriend died in a car accident. But when she gets a note that says "You're welcome" along with a newspaper clipping of the accident, Sawyer realizes that someone knew about what her boyfriend had done to her and that that person had killed him because of it. Now, Sawyer's unknown admirer seems set on helping Sawyer out with all her problems in life, whether she wants it or not.


While I enjoyed Truly, Madly, Deadly, I had far too many moments in the book where I just rolled my eyes and went, "Really?" Moments included:

  • Sawyer walked into a police station and said she needed to get some homework off of one cop's desk. The woman totally believed her and let her take case files out of the station.
  • The new kid had no clue that the girl he had been interested in since he got there was the ex-girlfriend of the student who had just died that everyone at school was mourning and kept talking about.
  • All of the teachers wondered why Sawyer was suddenly having problems in school. Right after her boyfriend died.


The adults just seemed incredibly unsympathetic toward Sawyer a lot of the times, which was not what I would have expected. It was like everyone expected her to be totally okay after her boyfriend's death. And none of them even knew that their relationship hadn't been as good as it seemed.


Despite my complaints, I did enjoy it. It was easy to get through, and I liked seeing how Sawyer's admirer would "help" her next.