The Book of Blood and Shadow

The Book of Blood and Shadow - Robin Wasserman

One night changed Nora's entire world. Before the night, she was a high school student assisting with a Latin translation project for a professor along with her boyfriend and one of her best friends. But there are more people interested in the translations than she could have imagined, and they are willing to do a lot to get what they want. After they take action, Nora is left with one dead best friend, one catatonic best friend, and one missing boyfriend. To find her boyfriend and discover why this happened, Nora has to travel to Prague, following the story of the woman whose letters she has been translating.


I was immediately drawn into the story. I found Nora to be an interesting character, and I liked her relationships with her two friends and boyfriend. There's some definite suspending of belief that has to happen, but I was interested enough in Nora and her story to not particularly care how ridiculous some of the book is when one stops to think about it.


There's a lot of focus on translation, which I enjoyed, although not everyone may find it as interesting as I do. I really like languages, so I tend to geek out over anything related to translation.


While it's fairly slow-paced, I found The Book of Blood and Shadow to be a fun read, holding my attention the entire time.