Rebel Spring

Rebel Spring - Morgan Rhodes

Rebel Spring was, for a large part of the book, a book where the main characters would discuss doing something major, but then fail to actually do something major.

For example, Jonas and Cleo came up with a 'plan' to kill the king. And by plan, I mean they said Jonas would kill the king at Cleo's wedding. No discussion of logistics or anything. Well, wedding time came, Jonas gets up there, and he just tells the king he's going to kill him, but doesn't make a move. It's really not a surprise when that completely fails.

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The king was the only character who was really getting shit done consistently, and that's not really a good thing.


The number of people falling in love in this book started getting a bit ridiculous. We get the introduction of Lysandra who Jonas' friend falls for, but she of course falls for Jonas. We have Lucia who meets Alexius, and the two immediately are crazy about one another to the point where Alexius, who is a Watcher and incredibly old, suddenly starts doubting beliefs he's held for a very long time because he's fallen for a 16 year old girl. We have the arranged marriage of Cleo and Magnus, which does have potential for interesting developments I'll admit. We have Nic suddenly getting someone to replace Cleo. It's not that any of those is bad; it's just it started to feel like almost every single character would forget the really important stuff going on in favor of love whenever the object of their interest appeared. And that just gets frustrating after a while.


Rebel Spring was a bit of a letdown for me. Still enjoyable. Just not as much as I had hoped.