Unbreakable - Kami Garcia

I knew nothing about Unbreakable going in. If I had, I would not have chosen to listen to it when I was the only person in a building at night. Not a good life decision.


When Kennedy's mom dies, she's prepared to head to boarding school. That is, until she's saved by identical twins, Jared and Lukas, who tell her she's being targeted by a demon who killed her mother. Her mother was part of a group called the Legion that was devoted to protecting the world from a demon. If she wants to stop the demon and her about her mother's legacy, Kennedy must join up with the other members of the Legion and find a weapon that can destroy the demon.


Now the fact that I'm easily scared does play a part in this, but the book was definitely creepy at times. When it wanted to be unsettling, the book definitely succeeded for me. The ghosts were definitely creepy.


I did find myself annoyed with Kennedy at times. She complained a lot about things that had me wondering what she was complaining about. She'd talk about how she couldn't tell the members of the Legion about her photographic memory because they'd snark about how useless it was...right after she did something super useful with it. She'd complain about how she had no one and was all alone...and then start thinking about how much she missed her amazing best friend who loved her a ton. It got annoying at times, although I did like her for the most part.


I didn't really get the romance. She was drawn to both twins, but one more so than the other and would go on about how connected she felt to him, but I just didn't feel it. Those moments mostly had me rolling my eyes.


I did figure out that the device they were searching for didn't do what they thought and started to hope (but not hold my breath) for the reveal that the Legion was actually evil and served the demon and that they'd just been using Kennedy to summon the demon. I was mildly disappointed when it went with the more predictable 'they were just as clueless about the true purpose of the device as her' route. Oh well, I can dream.

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I'm definitely interested enough to pick up the next book to see where the story is going.