The Dream Thieves

The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater

The sequel to The Raven Boys is very Ronan-centric. While Ronan is my favorite character, I found myself wishing the other characters had larger roles in the book. In the first book, each of the Raven Boys and Blue had their own stories and shared the focus. In this book, Noah is there randomly before just disappearing without having any real effect on the story. Blue is present throughout, but is pushed to the background for most of the book. Gansey fares a bit better, but not much. Adam does get his own plot though. So two of the five main characters get plots, while the other three are just kind of there most of the time. A new character had more of a role in the story than three of the main characters (although to be fair, I did really like this new character).


It didn't really feel like a sequel because a lot of the story from the first was largely ignored. The search for Glendower, which had been a huge part of the first book, only popped up a bit. Same with Blue's kissing curse. And it's surprising that those things didn't get more attention with all the other things that are in the book. The plot really dragged for me at times with a lot of filler that just wasn't necessary. It's not that I don't mind some filler. A ton of filler on the other hand starts to get boring after a bit. I start to wonder what happened to the plot.


Despite my complaints, I did really enjoy this. Ronan's story was interesting, and, when the focus was on him, the book flew by. Ronan's relationship with his family, including his dead father, is complicated and interesting to read about, as is his struggle with figuring out his powers.