Unravel Me

Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi

I liked this book more than Shatter Me largely because of Kenji. He calls out Juliette for the way she focuses solely on Adam and ignores everyone else, isolating her from everyone else and making her incredibly selfish. I found myself agreeing with Kenji pretty much every time he opened his mouth. He was the one forcing Juliette to actually do something when the book started. She's not really one to act on her own. People had to keep forcing her to do things, which got frustrating very quickly. And she withholds information from people for no good reason. I was constantly wondering why she wasn't telling people things, and Juliette didn't seem to know why she was doing it either. It really felt like it was only happening to stretch the plot out longer.


Warner is my other favorite character, and while I liked him in this book, I am not liking the direction we seem to be going for him, meaning total redemption. Regardless of his reasons for his actions in the first book, what he did was not ok, and I'm afraid that every single thing will be completely justified by the final book and depicted as if there was nothing wrong with it.


I do like the direction Juliette and Adam's romance took since

I never liked them together in the first place. I just never saw why they were so instantly obsessed with one another. And I do mean obsessed. I was irritated during most of their interactions throughout the book.

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So I liked Unravel Me more than the first book, but that's only saying so much. Kenji and Warner were the bright spots.