The Dark Curiosity

Her Dark Curiosity - Megan Shepherd

While the romance certainly took up a large chunk of this book, it didn't feel like it stopped the plot like what happened in the first book. That being said, I still don't like the love triangle. Juliet keeps saying she's drawn to Edward because he understands her in a way that no one else does, but their supposed chemistry just doesn't come across to me. And that leaves me wondering why the heck she's acting so stupid around him throughout the book.


On the other side of the love triangle we have Montgomery. I loved him in the first book. His chemistry with Juliet was great, and I could see why they liked one another. Then the final moments of the last book ruined it when he puts Juliet on a boat off the island by herself with no clue where to go or any guarantee she'd be able to safely make it home. I was happy to see that Juliet was pissed about that too in this book. I was less impressed with how quickly she forgave him. What he did was pretty shitty and very easily could have resulted in her dying a slow death on the water alone. I'm not saying never forgive him because they do have a lot of history together, but I would have expected that to be more of an issue than it turned out to be. Basically, I really question all decisions Juliet makes with her love interests.


I was a bit disappointed in the initial mystery since it went with the really obvious solution. The mystery that took up the rest of the plot was more interesting though with a big conspiracy that Juliet has to work to unravel while she tries to keep the people she cares about safe.


I was happy to see Lucy, Juliet's friend, again, although I was not a fan of the romance she got involved in. I also liked the introduction of Elizabeth, an older lady who becomes a caretaker for Juliet.


The ideas are interesting for the book. It's just that the romance takes over and ruins my enjoyment of the story.